1983-1990 The Phillip Island House / Barrie Marshall

Barrie Marshall’s Phillip Island House was the very first one I visited for the book, in July 2009. I was rather nervous to meet an architect from a big global architecture firm like Denton Corker Marshall, but Barrie Marshall, who was there with his wife Raine, couldn’t have been more approachable. I had seen photographs of the house in an issue of Architecture Australia magazine, but to  experience the house directly was a real privilege.

The house responds incredibly well to the movement of the sun throughout  the day and rooms become lit by sharp shards  of sunlight while other areas remain in shadow. The Vico Magistretti ‘Sinbad’ Chair sits behind a prototype of a coffee table Marshall designed for the Adelphi Hotel.

The little ‘penguin windows’ – named by Marshall’s colleague John Denton – run along the north west side of the building, allowing light in from the courtyard but not allowing direct visual engagement with it.

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