1996-97 The Droga Apartment / Durbach Block

The Droga apartment was commissioned by Daniel Droga and still belongs to him. We approached him to see if  it would be possible to launch the book in the apartment and he kindly said yes. It was the perfect venue – centrally located with a large balcony and a generous living space. Guests where keen to have the opportunity to see the apartment first hand and at dusk the view from the balcony and mezzanine level was something else.

The architects of the apartment – Neil Durbach and Camilla Block were at the launch, as was Glenn Murcutt, Peter Stutchbury, Ken Woolley and Russell Jack, while other architects, from interstate, where there in spirit.

This view of the apartment shows how easily the place opens up to accommodate a crowd and is one of the perspectives of the house that both Durbach and Block remarked upon as it simultaneously takes in the exterior city view and the main sweep of the house, bisected by the powerful curve of the wall.

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